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Doing what's right covers a lot of ground. It's an ethical issue. It's establishing loyalty and maintaining trust. It's a performance standard. And it's having the ability to see what's ahead and changing to meet it head on.

We pride ourselves on a track record filled with "right" turns. We've done what's right for our principals, customers and distributors - and have seen everyone win. While the details and decisions vary considerably, there are basic rules of "doing it right" at Spectrum…

1. Ethical considerations predominate in all business relationships. Principle and pragmatism must work hand in hand. Maintaining confidentiality and adhering to our trade association's code of ethics are our prime directives.

2. Offer loyalty and trust-worthiness, and it will return to you. Proof is in the quality and longevity of our principals, customers and distributors.

3. Performance is about results, not rhetoric. Failure is not an option. By working through problems, instead of trying to avoid them, we all become stronger and more successful.

4. Forecasting the future accurately is far more important than adding up the past. While past achievements establish a foundation to build on, the building process itself must continually grow upward and outward. Wherever possible, it must grow ahead of the competition.

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"I'm a great admirer of Carole and how she runs her business. She has all the integrity in the world. Her management style is very caring. She treats her personnel fairly, yet is also quite demanding."
Jim Crandell Tyco/Raychem

"No amount of ability is of the slightest avail without honor."
-Andrew Carnegie
Why Spectrum?

Reps versus direct, what's the real difference?

Manufacturers' representatives only earn when they sell, so they are more motivated to promote your product than salespeople who work directly for you.

What's more, using a rep instead of managing your own direct sales organization gives you a cost effective means of outsourcing your sales function with no fixed cost. Pick the right rep firm and you immediately have access to major accounts, the synergy of a multiple-line selling strategy - and a team of experienced salespeople and managers who already know the market. But which is the right rep firm?

Not all reps are motivated like Spectrum. Spectrum Marketing Associates is never satisfied with the status quo. As a result, the manufacturers we represent don't have to ask: "What has my rep firm done for me lately?"

With us, you'll partner with talented marketers who know the territory, and have proven themselves selling and designing leading edge electronic products. We are a stable, well-managed company that motivates our employees to succeed and plans for business continuity.
As your advocates, we will:
• Foster and protect your image - represent you with integrity, professionalism and complete confidentiality.
• Utilize our extensive experience in military, commercial, industrial and automotive industries to pair principals with industry-appropriate customers.
• Constantly cultivate new business from existing customers while prospecting for new customer opportunities.
• Establish productive, high-quality - not just high-quantity - customer relationships.
• Look out for your interests, day-to-day and long term.
• Stay focused on your products, marketing objectives, sales targets - and the customer.
• Maximize a multiple-line selling strategy that offers a variety of complementary products to customers, giving more exposure to each line and triggering proliferating sales.
• Provide design-in engineering assistance and applications expertise enabling you to deliver the right product at the right time.
• Stay in close touch with you, utilizing the latest communications technologies. In the office or on the road, we're there for you.
• Align our vision with yours and keep it aligned by remaining accountable, flexible and responsive.
Spectrum is reshaping the traditional principal/rep relationship for a more competitive marketplace. We strive for a value added, collaborative partnership based on a joint commitment to excellence, an open discussion of business issues and a shared vision.

At Spectrum, you're not just a line.

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How do you intend to grow my line?

The same way we have grown our business. By being selective, and working our butts off!
We deliver results, not rhetoric. Our limited line card approach allows us to focus on manufacturers we choose to partner with.

We focus your line with a target account strategy that maximizes efficient selling and productivity - including expanding activities in Mexico. We also "synergize" you into our multiple-line selling program, giving you added exposure any time we present complementary products.

Other benefits to you include:
1. Hiring ahead of need, so that we're always poised for growth. We continually invest in top-quality people and resources to address tomorrow's needs.
2. Empowering our people to make independent decisions appropriate to their accounts and territory. Additionally, field reps develop and implement a principal-specific business plan.
3. Resident sales people dealing with the rapidly changing markets south of the border.
4. Powerful and easy to use data base management system from Empowering Systems Inc. which provides effective and easy to use contact management, opportunity tracking and sales analysis.

At Spectrum, you're not just a line.

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